"Ambilight is a light projected around the television which extends the picture outside the TV in order to create a wonderful viewing experience. Smart TV means online content and apps via the Net TV platform, DLNA and an open source framework (jointSPACE) which enables co-creation for new features."

We ask you to:

Generate concepts on how we can enhance the TV experience in the shop by using Ambilight and Smart TV features.

NOTE: Submitted concept has been awarded by Philips


"Design by prototyping" Design a bicycle/walking light for children

Baby Care

PRODUCT ANALYSIS Presentation Assignment: draw a house, garden or kitchen appliance, once in poster form, and once in exploded view (eg. a manual) Product: baby bottle warmer

CAD Lego Indiana Jones

Make all mechanical parts of a composition (free choice) in Siemens NX + merge them. Choice: LEGO-Composition from LEGO Indiana Jones - The Temple Escape

CAD Lego Piano

Create families of Lego-parts using Siemens NX, and use those parts to create a Lego-construction of your own.


MATERIAL EXPLORATION ASSIGNMENT Create an original product where "textile" is the main material. Our product consists of several drawers, each made of the material/product that you assume is in it. Example: tray out of tops, underpants, socks

Detergent Dispensers

Generate a few concepts for detergent dispensers and present them using Sketchbook Designer.


Competition for desiging a concept/product to stimulate the use of the eID card (= Belgian Digital Identity Card)

NOTE: Submitted concept has been awarded by the Belgian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the price was the needed budget to create the concept for real.


Develop a convenient solution which is connectable on a central dust extraction system that helps students cleaning up a wood workshop.

Het Verloren Eiland

Develop a new board game concept + prototype for “young families” with a big “fun” and “action”-factor, that can be used to resolve a difficult family-situation.


"Conceptual design" & "Idea/Design presentation"

Design a bicycle/walking light for children

Product Presentation

Take 3 of you favourite products and present each of them in an identical style on one sheet. Each product presentation sheet has to contain an architectural element a natural element a person


Design and develop a rotomoulder using 3D-software.


Design a piece of furniture for a “table”-producing company, that they can put on the market 10 years in the future (2022).

Track & Trace Box

New technologies such as RFID and QR-scanning are providing some great opportunities to improve the service in the e-ecomerce industry. Develop a new concept to add further value to “smart packages” by using and integrating modern track & trace technological possibilities.